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The technical matters of the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) are mainly handled by three committees: the Technical Committee – Direct Taxation (I) [TC-DT (I)], the Technical Committee – Direct Taxation (II) [TC-DT (II)] and the Technical Committee – Indirect Taxation (TC-IT).

The TC-DT (I) handles Income Tax matters on technical aspects, as well as areas such as compliance and operations, and tax audit and investigation. The TC-DT (II) is responsible for all direct tax issues not under the purview  of TC-DT (I), and includes Stamp Duty, Real Property Gains Tax, Petroleum Income Tax, Labuan Income Tax & other matters relating to Labuan, Promotion of Investments Act 1986 & other tax incentives (e.g. MSC, Bionexus) and issues under the purview of Securities Commission (SC) and Bank Negara.

These committees currently comprise tax professionals, tax agents, academicians and tax lawyers.

For the purpose of taking the Institute forward in respect of tax research, an area which deserves attention and focus, the Research Committee (RC) has been formed.

The committees continue the aim to represent the interests of the Institute’s members.

For ease of reference, the sub-divisions are as indicated below: