Composition of the Committee

EXAMINATIONS & EDUCATION Committee (2017 - 2018)

Chairman K. Sandra Segaran a/l Karuppiah
Members Chow Tuck Him (Education)
Co-Opted Members

Prof Dr Jeyapalan Kasipillai 
Assoc Prof Dr Loo Ern Chen 
Ravi Balakrishnan 
Dr Nakha Ratnam s/o Somasundaram
Ananthan Chelliah 
Daniel Woo                                                                                                                                        Kenneth Yong Voon Ken
Ong Hing Huat (Education)                                                                                                               
Jacky Chan Soon Tat (Education)
Renganathan Kannan (Education)                                                                           


To establish and review (from time to time) the examination syllabus of the Institute’s Examination to ensure that it remains relevant in meeting the challenges and demands of the changing tax regime and tax laws so that graduates will be able to meet the current and future market expectations.
To establish and review rules and regulations of the Institute’s Examinations.
To determine the eligibility of students sitting for the Institute’s Examinations and to recommend to the Council the appropriate examination fees.
To consider and approve applications for exemption from the relevant examination papers.
To consider and approve applications for exemption from the relevant examination papers.
To appoint chief examiners, examiners, invigilators, markers and moderators and to recommend to the Council the honorarium and fees payable.
To consider any appeals relating to the examination results.
To consider and approve the publication of model answers and examiners’ comments.
To determine the policy on safekeeping and confidentiality of examination papers and of answer scripts.
To determine prize winners and to publish the results of the examinations.



To look into the requirements of registered students and to assist them in facilitating their progression as members of the Institute.
To formulate strategies to promote the Institute’s qualification to prospective students.
To determine accreditation processes and establish strategic alliances with institutions of higher learning for the provision of courses relating to the professional examination.
To source for contributions of published material to the Resource Centre of the Institute.